How to Make a Classic Irish Shepherd’s Pie!

How to Make a Classic Irish Shepherd’s Pie

Not a fan of corn beef and cabbage but still want to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in culinary style? We’ve found the perfect alternative for you! This Irish shepherd’s pie from Food Wishes is an absolutely classic and also super easy to make, with layers of lamb and cheesy potatoes the whole family will love. Watch how it’s made and ... Read More »

5 Unexpected Uses for Cornstarch!


Cornstarch seems like a pretty random kitchen necessity, doesn’t it? I can’t remember the last time I used it to actually cook. So it basically just sits in the back of my cupboard waiting for its time to shine. Well, cornstarch, your moment has arrived. As it turns out, cornstarch has another calling besides being used in obscure cooking recipes! ... Read More »

14 Frozen Food Products That Were Just Recalled By Nestle!

Frozen pepperoni and Cheese pizza on a wooden cutting board

The Monday after the spring-ahead time change is always rough, and a lot of us plan to make the day a little easier by indulging in a frozen pizza or entrée. After all, when you’re still dragging and missing that extra hour of sleep, what could be easier than just popping something in the microwave or toaster oven? As long ... Read More »

A Walk in Closet in a Tiny House? Wow!


In 2009, Debra and her family were struggling to live in their 2,000 sq. ft. home with only her, her husband and their son. Debra and her husband worked four jobs between the both of them and with the economy growing worse at that point in time, they were financially in a bind. It was then that the pair remembered ... Read More »

How to make a ‘cheap and easy’ DIY rustic stool!

How to make a 'cheap and easy' DIY rustic stool

Sprouts and Stuff is a gardening blog with a seed-forward focus. The blog’s author, Rhonda Brady, describes herself as a nature lover, lazy composter, and vegetarian, among other labels that include wanna be artist and soon-to-be grandmother. Rhonda only writes about things she has grown, used, or created. She believes great gardening advice is what inspires others to garden, and ... Read More »

Can you find the 6 words hidden in this picture?

Can you find the 6 words hidden in this picture

It doesn’t matter how old you are, nobody ever outgrows solving puzzles and nobody ever should, as puzzle solving provides benefits for the mind. Whether you’re dealing with an actual jigsaw puzzle, word search, or a Sudoku, the task will help exercise your brain in a unique way while being both entertaining and fun. According to Dummies, solving puzzles helps condition ... Read More »